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Microbes dominate planetary biomass, play essential roles in nutrient recycling, can cause disease, and are an integral part of the healthy human body. Their genomes contain records of past evolutionary events, from which we can decipher how microbes evolve and adapt to their environments. Recent advances in DNA sequencing technologies brought us an avalanche of data: thousands of genomes and terabases of environmental DNA (metagenomes). We mine these data sets (1) to assess the impact of horizontal gene transfer on microbial populations; (2) to find new ways to characterize microbial communities; and (3) to track down genomic signatures of microbial adaptations.

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GTAs as a New Life Form – a Viriform

Virus-derived systems that were recruited by cellular organisms to perform various host’s functions were recently recognized by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses as a distinct taxonomic category, called …