Research Opportunities

Postdoctoral Associate Positions

If you are interested in a postdoctoral position in the laboratory, send PI an email.
Also, consider applying for these university-wide fellowships:

There are additional national and international postdoctoral fellowships:

Graduate Student Positions

Prospective Students:
Our lab is a member of three graduate programs: Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems and Society (EEES), Molecular and Cell Biology (MCB) and Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (QBS) (read more about the QBS program). If you are interested in the EEB track of the EEES program, please contact PI for more information. If you are interested in the MCB or QBS program, please follow the web links above for the application procedures.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are research opportunities in the lab for students majoring in biology, mathematics, computer science or engineering. In particular, since research in the lab is interdisciplinary, I encourage students to pursue one of the following coursework paths: Biology Major modified with Math, Mathematics Major modified with Biology, Modified Major in Complex Systems, Computer Science Minor in Computational Methods, Data Science major, or other custom minor/major combos that involve biology, mathematics, computer science or engineering.

The courses listed below provide an excellent knowledge base for the research we do in our lab and are strongly recommended:

  • BIOL 15
  • COSC 1
  • BIOL 47

Additional coursework to consider:
  • COSC 75
  • COSC 74
  • COSC 86
  • MATH 22
  • MATH 23
  • BIOL 13

Research positions are available during all terms, including summer. Full time research positions during D-plan off-terms are also available. Check out the UGAR web site for available research funding. Don't hesitate to send PI an email if interested or have questions. In your message, please include a statement of your research interests and aspirations. Check out this advice on how to find a position in a research lab (although it is geared for prospective graduate students, the overall advice is relevant.)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities for non-Dartmouth students

Send PI a request if interested to work as a full-time research assistant during the summer. Dartmouth also supports a variety of summer research internships.